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Special Events

New Student Leadership Team

If you are a Freshman or Transfer this year, you can sign up to be a part of our New Student Leadership Team!  This team provides discipleship around leadership development.  If you are ready to jump in and be used by God on our campus, then sign up today for the New Student Leadership Team at the link below.

Deadline to sign up is Sept. 29th

Don't miss our Weekly events:

Tuesdays @ 8 PM

IMPACT! Worship

IMPACT! is our weekly Worship service that takes place at 8 PM in our back building.  Every week is different and challenging.  Ministry staff or student leaders do most of the speaking week to week.  This is a great opportunity to get to worship with other students.  IMPACT! also allows students a place to serve - from set up and break down to Praise Band.


Time: 8pm - 9:30pm

Location: VSU BCM Back Building

Wednesdays @ 12 noon

Focus Cafe Lunch

Each Wednesday we have something called Focus Cafe. Focus Cafe is a lunch that is open to all students on campus.  The food is prepared by local churches and is one of the closest things to "home cooking" that students can get.  Focus Cafe is free your first time, then just $2 each week after that.  All money raised go directly to our summer missions program called SendMeNow. Through SendMeNow, students can serve all over the world each summer, and there is no cost to them.


Time: 12pm - 12:45pm

Location: VSU BCM back building

Various Times in THE WEEK

Family Groups  (Small Group Discipleship)

One of the main ways we do discipleship at VSU BCM is through Family Groups.  Each Family Group has two student leaders known as Mom and Dad, and another student who serves as a Big Brother or Sister.  Each Group has both guys and girls and all classes, from Freshman to Seniors.  This helps provide great relationship building across the classes.  The Groups focus on Life-on-Life relationships, accountability, and serious study of God's Word.  This is a great place to connect and find a sense of acceptance and belonging.


Time:Different days and times throughout the week

Location: Family Groups meet in different locations

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