What is God Offering In A Time Of Crisis?

What is God offering in a time of chaos?

In the past few weeks, we have seen schedules, plans, life-as-we know it turned upside down. Classes went online, life on campus becomes life at home, time spent with friends became self-isolation, with these changes has come anxiety, confusion, and even a little bit of anger.  

In addition to the side-effects, many of us fear the root of the problem... COVID-19. An illness that has managed to come into our lives and rattle us on a level most of us have never seen, a full-out pandemic.  Our emotions have gotten the better of us.  

But I’m here to make a case for the glass-half-full perspective.  

Life seems grim right now, but have you given yourself the chance to take a step back and evaluate how God is working?  

Do not misunderstand what I am saying. In no way should we blame God for this time of emergency, instead we should be looking at this negative situation and seeing how God is going to use it to do something amazing.  

What is God giving you right now? Rest? Time to spend with family? Time to accomplish goals that have been pushed aside? Time to attend to the things that are pushed aside due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sadly for some of us that maybe our relationship with God.  

He may be showing you that a lot of the “necessary” things in our life are not necessary at all. You also may be seeing that the things that once felt like burdens are actually some of life’s greatest blessings.  

He is offering you a time to rest, a time to reconnect and spend some much-needed time with Him.  

This time may even be a moment to evaluate if when everything is ripped away, is God still enough for you?

So what is God showing you? What is He giving you? How is He providing for you during this time? What can you thank Him for today?

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